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'[PIC]: wwwPIC2 minor communication problem'
2001\09\04@200536 by Rob Symmans

Hi Guys, I've constructed Vince Sanders wwwPIC2 project and am having a
small problem talking to it. The following occurs:

1 Hardware connected to com2
2 Running win 2000 I have com 2 set up as a SLIP "dial up" connection.
3 I start the SLIP connection and see "OK" in the terminal window.
4 I start IE5 (connection set to default to SLIP on com2)
5 I try to connect to the hardware by placing the address 198....... (I dont
have the address with me) in the URL bar on IE5 etc.
6 Nothing happens.

Using a CRO and viewing the com port via a montoring program I can see the
port open and the "OK" message arrive but no further action occurs. It is as
if my browser is not trying to communicate via the com port. I dont get the
"page not found" error.

I have used a 4MHz xtal, but changed the firmare to suit - the "ok" returned
suggests to me that the hardware is functioning ok.

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

thanks in advance

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2001\09\05@082921 by Andy N1YEW

picon face
Is it a dial-up SERVER or client?

you need to run the server on the pc.
you also need to assign the pc an ip you know...

{Original Message removed}

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