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'[PIC][admin][OT][TECH][FLUFF][WHINE]and 18F87x ava'
1999\10\13@123452 by mjurras

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How about we add [WHINE] to the headers for all you guys who constantly bitch ab
out how the list
isn't formatted exactly to you specific wants for efficient reading. This will g
ive you something
to look forward to reading.

Or, maybe you could just learn to deal with it. It isn't that hard. If you can't
go to
and start your own.

Now for some real content. I am starting a new design and have been noticing pos
ts about the lack
of availability of the 16F87x. Digikey also shows naught available. Should I lea
ve my ICD in the
box and use an available part or is the 16F87x going to be available 1Q 2000?

- -Mark
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1999\10\13@185355 by Tony Nixon

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Mark Jurras wrote:

> Should I leave my ICD in the box and use an available part or is the 16F87x go
ing to be > available 1Q 2000?

That's probably where all the stocks of F87X chips have gone. Into the
Microchip ICD's :-)

Best regards


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