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'[PIC] New release -Visual Disassembler forthe Micr'
2009\03\14@030002 by Wouter van Ooijen

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Vitaliy wrote:
> "William "Chops" Westfield wrote:
>>> I found it slow to start.
>> Some of this is philosophical changes in usage style.  I think these
>> days you're supposed to start it up once and just LEAVE IT RUNNING:

Maybe I use IDEs different than you do. I have little projects all over
the place, and I am working on them all at once. I want to switch almost
instantaneous. With PSPad or DevCpp++ (which I use a lot, also for ARM!)
I simply close the IDE and doubleclick the next project file.

> How much is a gig of RAM nowadays, anyway?

last time I checked? 2^30

> The paradigm actually makes perfect sense: hardware is getting faster and
> cheaper, programmer time is getting more expensive. Software developers'
> time is better spent on adding new functionality, rather than optimizing
> code for start-up performance.

I that is what the user wants, it indeed makes sense. That means I am
not a user.


Wouter van Ooijen

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2009\03\14@062712 by Jan-Erik Soderholm

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Vitaliy wrote:
> Excellent point. I leave my workstation on for days (sometimes weeks) on
> end.

Completely idiotic.
Why wast a lot of electricity/energy when noone
is using the box anyway ?


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