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'[PIC] PICkit2 and OSX Parallels'
2009\02\07@102852 by Joseph Bento

I've encountered my first issue with using the PICkit2 on my Mac under  

It does not seem possible to update the PICkit2 in a Parallels virtual  
machine.  During a firmware update, the USB port is released  
momentarily and reinitialized.  Parallels has to reallocate the USB  
port to the virtual machine, and in that timeframe the update  
corrupts.  I experienced this several times last evening, and had to  
correct the issue on a true Windows machine each time.

The PICkit2 application software is a higher version than MPLAB 8.1  
recognizes, so MPLAB tried to update my PICkit2, causing this issue.

The PICkit2 otherwise works fine under Parallels, but it does not seem  
possible to update.

Has anyone else experienced this and have a fix?


2009\02\07@171039 by Bob Blick

This may be a bit aside, but I gave up on Parallels. Video and
networking bugs were the reason for me.

VirtualBox rocks for me.

Cheerful regards,


Joseph Bento wrote:
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2009\02\07@171756 by Peter Loron

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VMware Fusion has been very good for me. VirtualBox is also great, and  
it is free.


On Feb 7, 2009, at 2:10 PM, Bob Blick wrote:

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2009\02\07@213300 by Joseph Bento

I upgraded to Parallels 4 several weeks ago, and that seems to be when I
began noticing issues with my PICkit2. I can work from the command line with
Pk2cmd, but I'm not completely comfortable with that, as I have to keep
referring to a cheat sheet for the various commands.  I had to refresh my
memory on how to perform a firmware upgrade on the PICkit2 from the Unix
(OS-X) prompt.  So now if I corrupt my PICKit2 again, I can at least correct
it on the Mac.

In many respects, I think I like Wouter's Wisp648 best of all.  A
no-nonsense programmer that always works in Windows or OS-X - just not
directly from within MPLAB.


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2009\02\08@000626 by Marc Nicholas

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I too am using it in Fusion. No major issues so far.


On 2/7/09, Peter Loron <> wrote:
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