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'[PIC] Reading BCD switch'
2009\06\10@215020 by inventerprises

face picon face
[added a subject]

> START        movf    GPIO,0            ;move GPIO to w
>            movwf    COUNT            ;move w to COUNT
>            movlw    0Fh                ;put 0Fh in w
>            xorwf    COUNT,1            ;xor w with COUNT to mask

Dave, wouldn't AND be the story ?

movfw gpio  ;read whole port
andlw b'00001111'  ;mask out high nybble, retain low nybble
movwf count  ;store

When you say it doesn't turn off, I suspect that it does but using
xorwf may set count to a large value. If you wait long enough (up
to 255 seconds) you should see it turn off

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