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'[PIC] good examples of command lineinterpreter sou'
2009\01\14@142850 by A K


Vitaliy wrote:
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The token or hash can be calculated in the buffer filling receive
interrupt routine so that when the CR is received, the command
interpereter doesn't have to compare every character with possible
commands, but only a token.  For longish commands and many commands this
would speed up interpretation.

2009\01\14@144350 by Vitaliy

A K" wrote:
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Olin would know best, but I don't think this is what he's talking about. The
way I understand it, he stores a list of ASCII commands in a table, and then
the parsing routine compares the message that was received to each string
within the table, generating a unique ID.


2009\01\14@161942 by Bob Ammerman

picon face
I would be tempted to use a table with the following fields:

1) the command itself
2) the minimum number of characters of the command the user must enter
3) a bitmask (or other data) that describes the expected argument(s) for the
4) the address of the code to handle the command (a function for "C" or just
a code pointer for ASM).

Then my logic looks like this:

Scan table for match to command (taking into account minimum length for

Use bitmask to control parsing arguments.

Branch to code to handle command.

--- Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems

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