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'[PICLIST] Fwd: [OT]: Soliciting for input regardi'
2001\07\19@142045 by James Paul


My employer has decided that we need a Hot Air Solder Rework
Station.   So I am asking the PICLIST for their inputs into which
mfg or vendor has suitable units from which to choose.

I myself have had some experience with HAKKO.  Another guy here has
experience with PACE.  And we have both PACE and HAKKO equipment in
the lab.

So, the questions are ....

1.  Which manufacutrer do each of you prefer? ..and..

2.  Which unit from that manufacturer do you each prefer? ..and..

3.  What other manufacturers are there out there other than the
    two I have mentioned? ..and last but not least..

4.  What is the price range?

It should be capable of handling components down to at least 0402,
and preferably smaller.  It also should have some sort of XYZ type
adjustment (Such as a micromanipulator) for precise component
placement.  A means for dispensing solder paste and a preheater
would also be beneficial.

At this point in time cost is not an issue.  But the unit will be
used mostly in our engineering lab and not in a production
environment.  So production capacity is not necessarily needed.

Anyway, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

Email me offline if you wish to save list BW.

My email address(es) is  -or-

                                      Thanks and Regards,


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