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'[PICLIST] SV: [EE]: Bench data acquisition'
2002\04\16@071613 by so-8859-1?Q?Niklas_L=F6vgren?=

I'd have to look at the design! it surely looks interesting!
By the way are you a hobbyist or pro? or both?


-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Från: David Harris [spam_OUTdpharrisTakeThisOuTspamTELUS.NET]
Skickat: den 16 april 2002 08:52
Till: .....PICLISTKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
Ämne: Re: [EE]: Bench data acquisition

Hi Niklas-
I thought this is an interesting project and actually looked into obtaining
parts, not too bad.  I'd even be interested in sharing the cost of getting a
board made.
DSO Specification
                        The DSO has the following specification, this is
to change significantly as the project is further developed.

            Channel Spec
                           1.6MHz to 50MHz sample rate
                           8 Bit resolution
                           3MBit sample depth
                           Analogue and digital capability
          Operating Modes
                           Dual channel (2 analogue channels)
                           Single channel (double speed and depth, i.e.
& 6MBit)
                           Logic analyser (16 digital channels)
                           Mixed mode (8 digital & 1 analogue channel)
                           Variable pre-trigger
                           Variable edge trigging threshold
                           External trigger input
                           Logic analyser triggering
                           Fully GUI driven
                           Full control of hardware from software
                           Zoom & Pan functions
                           Trigger level & point indicator
                           CSV export function
                           Flexible design allows for expansion and bug
without hardware modification.
                           ISP (In System Programmable)

Niklas Lvvgren wrote:

{Quote hidden}

> overall control.
> My choice of hardware would be (due to availability): MCU AT90S8515 (if
> sufficient), random logic
> Altera EPM7064, ADC TDA8703?
> So now my questions are:
> 1. Is there anyone who have done anything like this before?
> 2. Do you have any suggestions about improvements, additional features
> /Niklas
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David Harris
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