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'[SX] Pulse timing using the HB25 and the BS2sx..'
2009\06\08@115621 by denon/a

In SX Microcontrollers, SX/B Compiler and SX-Key Tool, deno wrote:

Hello, I posted on the Stamp page, but didn't get an exact answer to the above.  I have been running 2 HB25's in tandom with a regular BS2 using the PAUSE command of 1 second between pulses and 5 seconds after the last pulse to the second HB25 for the "hold off time".  The documention says that users of faster stamps, like the BS2sx need to adjust this PAUSE time.  Has anyone used a BS2sx with 2 HB25's (right and left wheel drive).  If so, what PAUSE timing did you find to work good?

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