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'[TECH] SheevaPlug $99 onesie Linux embedded com'
2009\04\06@131756 by Michael Algernon


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Today ( 20090406 ) I talked to Henry Chui ( VP of Sales ) at .
+1-714-632-9239    X1201

He was quite charming and said that GST had shipped many SheevaPlugs  
and the demand was greater than they could supply.  He said backorder  
time was one month now.  He said he expected a bunch of SheevaPlugs to  
be returned because he felt the people buying them felt they were a  
"desktop" computer and would be easy to set up.  Obviously, the  
SheevaPlug is an embedded device.  He said he would expedite shipping  
for developers.

Adding USB or i2c or asynch serial I/O should be straightforward.  If  
someone wants me to do it for them, it will be low cost since I want  
the same thing.

2009\04\06@140821 by John Day

At 01:17 PM 4/6/2009, you wrote:

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Yes, that's pretty much it. They also didn't get the quantity they
expected is one story I have heard from people who ordered as early
as late February, but missed out on getting shipment at the end of
March when the first ones were delivered.

For some applications the package is rather restrictive so people
will need to re-implement the design rather than adapting it
directly. But the price is attractive and as it is an ARMv5
architecture it is very close to the ARM-9 full core thus adding a
huge community of support out there as well as excellent commercial
support and toolchain options. Like Intel, from whom Marvell acquired
this processor line, they have licensed the ARMv5 architecture, not a
fully implemented core (like the ARM7tdmi, ARM-9, ARM-11, ARM-Cortex)
as others have done.

The software developers in my office have one, they said it seems a
little faster than the ARM-926ej they have played with and similar to
the PowerPC. But we wont be using it to replace either of those as it
is rather restrictive in the peripheral and expansion department for
what we need.


>Adding USB or i2c or asynch serial I/O should be straightforward.  If
>someone wants me to do it for them, it will be low cost since I want
>the same thing.

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