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'[tech]: c18 structures unions and referencing bits'
2009\07\21@080800 by Justin Richards

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In C18 a union can be described as follows

typedef union _IP_ADDR
   BYTE        v[4];
   DWORD       Val;

Then memory may be referenced as follows [after a variable IP of type
IP_ADDR is declared]

Can a similar member reference be used with bits.

That is instead of referencing a bit member in the union below as


Can it be referenced as

iomask.bits[i]; or perhaps iomask.bits.b[i];

Experimenting with the compiler seems to indicate that it is not possible.

Pointers to examples etc would be greatly appreciated or even what to google

               unsigned char b0:1;
               unsigned char b1:1;
               unsigned char b2:1;
               unsigned char b3:1;
               unsigned char b4:1;
               unsigned char b5:1;
               unsigned char b6:1;
               unsigned char b7:1;
           } bits;
           BYTE val;
       } iomask;

Cheers Justin

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