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'16C84 vs 16F84'
1997\01\16@095728 by Tony Brock-Fisher
1997\01\16@154930 by Franco
1997\01\17@004201 by Jim Robertson

'16C84 vs 16F84'
1997\12\07@065736 by NCSProduct
1997\12\07@130104 by Herbert Graf
1997\12\07@174304 by TONY NIXON 54964
1997\12\07@195531 by Mike Keitz
1997\12\08@132947 by DREITEK
1997\12\08@135716 by NCS Products
1997\12\08@135716 by NCS Products
1997\12\08@201022 by Jim robertson
1997\12\09@033141 by Tom Handley

'16C84 VS 16F84'
1998\10\15@093426 by unthiti Patchararungruang

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