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'Antwort: Re: MPLAB download'
1999\07\29@054245 by Andy Koessler

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Why in the hell are you dealing with DOS? If you would use NT4.0 (which is the
best solution from all this
more or less shit -MS - Products) there would be a little chance for me to get
a version of MPLAB which
runs under NT4.0!!

Angry Andy

1999\07\29@054659 by Tim Hamel

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In a message dated 7/29/99 2:43:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
spam_OUTAndreas.KoesslerTakeThisOuTspamASCOM.CH writes:

> The only wonder for me would be if the MPLAB with a ICE conneted would work
>  under NT4.0.

I'm sure it's fixable with the right VxD to bypass security.

>  Should not be a big deal to fix that, but MPLAB is a freeware - so don't
> wonder
>  when you tomorrow
>  can't anymore compile, assemble, simulate or emulate ...

I can tell English isn't your native language -- duh..with a CH domain I
guess not!

Tim Hamel

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