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'ISP [OT]'
1998\04\24@021933 by tjaart

White Horse Design wrote:

> At 00:29 24/04/98 +0900, you wrote:
> >At 12:24 PM 4/23/98 +0100, you wrote:
> >
> >>What's the easiest way to program a PIC16C74A surface mount device
> >in-circuit?
> >>I have a PICSTart+ but these new devices I'm using will be manufactured and
> >>placed (unprogrammed) by our PCB manufacturer.
> >
> >Hi Adrian,
> >PICstart is ok to do the ISP, I have done this with PIC16C73A SOIC package,
> >use a cable connect PICstart PB7 PB6 RESET and GND, operate just like
> >normal pragramming.
> Some messages have suggested putting 470p caps on RB6 and RB7 - but I think
> I saw a message a long time ago that said that they'd had to be removed for
> reliable (PICstart+ I think) operation.

This is a sure-fire way to pick up problems.

> >>Developers of GPS satellite-based tracking systems
> >
> >It seems we do the same job, I use PIC16C73A to control a Motorola
> >SM50 mobile radio and send out the Rockwell GPS message.
> My PIC16C74A is controlling a Motorola GPS too! (with a wireless GSM modem).

Which GSM modem are your using? What are you paying for it?

We have just received FTA (full type approval) and the CE mark for
our own GSM modem. It cost us an obscene amount of money. We
are busy with the finishing touches on the packaging etc. As far as we
know, our GSM modem is by far the cheapest FTA and CE modem
in the world. It is also much more reliable and stable than the
Siemens modem (M1).

Friendly Regards

Tjaart van der Walt

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