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'MM5451 LED display driver = NOT! List operation.'
1998\01\22@072352 by paulb

Bill (WL) Boulton wrote:

> It seems that unlike some other lists, a message is forwarded to all
> OTHER members on the list and not echoed back to the sender. True you
> miss confirmation of a successful transmission, but I don't really
> want to read my own mail. It's got goo & bad points.


 I don't want to read my own mail either.  But it's your choice, just
RTFM.  The instructions you received when you subscribed.

 The only thing they don't tell you is that list server commands must
go in the BODY of a message.  This is NOT universal, it is a behaviour
of "listserv".  Other list servers require commands in the Subject line.

       Paul B.

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