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'OT Re: Re: How to prevent light bulb theft in'
1998\05\22@052425 by Russell McMahon

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Subject: Re: How to prevent light bulb theft in airport
runways ? [OT]
>Oops. I don't know how to put this, but one should never,
never catch the
>thief. Catching thieves in civilized coutries is the Law's
>Humble people who meddle with this Important Business are
punished with
>more ferocity than the thieves.

We just caught a thief so I guess we now have to watch out
for the attendant ferocity :-) - seriously though this was a
concern. We anticipate the possible future visit of the
thief as they know how (if not by who) they were caught.

Our car was broken into a few days ago and various stuff
taken including a cell-phone. They used the cellphone (!)
including calling us 3 times using the speed-dial keys. We
had the calls traced (cost me $50 as the calls weren't
malicious). One of the calls was to his work to say he would
be in late. His work said he was the only caller at that
time of day (6:10am). He had a visit at work from the police
and is now "helping them with their enquiries". Ain't
technology wonderful!

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