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'Re[2]: Batteries'
1997\11\26@212218 by Scott Walsh

    About putting a known load on the battery ... can you do this while
    the product that is running from the battery is still working?


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Subject: Re: Batteries
Author: at INTERNET
Date:    26/11/97 06:45

Andrew Mayo wrote:
> In order to reliably determine battery life, you really need to be able
> to briefly switch a load across the battery which draws a predetermined
> current and then measure the battery voltage. Battery manufacturers can
> supply voltage/time curves for a given load, if you ask.

This is exactly what we do to determine a 6 cell NiCd pack's state. I
discharge it over a 47E resistor for 10s and measure the voltage under

A few people have asked about good batteries to use lately. A very nice
battery (but a bit expensive) is the Hawker (previously Gates) Cyclon
2V lead acid cells. They combine all the nice features of lead acids
and NiCds.

Friendly Regards

Tjaart van der Walt
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1997\11\27@170208 by Andrew Mayo

I would think so - you are not shorting it out, but getting a reasonable
current (few mA, normally) so you are loading the battery

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