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'Testing blacklisted service providor'
1999\06\16@143146 by Julian Fine

Sorry for this my service providor was blacklisted and all my email with it.
I have had to re register with everything.
O the joys of Hackers.

         Julian Fine

Do Not Use Please use
Eagle Wireless Security
Tel +2712 664 6688    Fax +2712 664 0857
Mobile 082 492 5294 or SMS 083 288 2807

1999\06\16@174903 by Tim Hamel

picon face
In a message dated 6/16/99 11:31:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time, finespamKILLspamICON.CO.ZA

> O the joys of Hackers.

NOT hackers, crackers.  There's a BIG misconception on the definition of
Hacker and Cracker.  Hackers make 6 fig. incomes, while crackers make 6 fig.
bail bonds.

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