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'decoding ir remote'
1997\12\01@145702 by Michael S. Hagberg

check out AN657 on the microchip web site


1997\12\03@020307 by Tom Handley

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  Michael, thanks for pointing this out. I've been looking for
something like this. It turns out I had the app note on my hard
drive... I'd like to do something similar with a PIC16C73 and
a serial interface to a PC and/or an LCD display. I've heard of
PC-based solutions yet I can't find them in magazines like
Circuit Cellar Ink and Electronics Now. I know I've seen
related articles before.

  In my case, I want to use an RCA DSS IR/UHF remote with a
PIC for home-control as well as it's original functions. I
also want to add a display to indicate which mode the remote
is in. The RCA receiver (DRD505) supports RCA's home-control
products but apparently not standard X-10 RS232 systems.

  It appears the remote uses both 40Khz and 58Khz carriers
depending on the function. I would really like to get data
on the remote instead of trying to decode it... I have the
following info on the remote:

     RCA DSS RF-Universal remote
     FCC ID: G95REM001
     TOCOM 15147970
     Board Assy: 1509389J

  The controller chip has the following markings:

     TCE   1997
     ST  4P9NA9714

  If anyone has any info on the remote or the chip I'd appreciate
it. Thanks,

  - Tom

At 01:53 PM 12/1/97 -0600, you wrote:
>check out AN657 on the microchip web site

1997\12\03@152841 by Eric Smith

Tom Handley <spam_OUTthandleyTakeThisOuTspamTELEPORT.COM> wrote:

>    The controller chip has the following markings:
>       15144-430
>       TCE   1997
>       ST  4P9NA9714
>       Korea

It's an SGS-Thomson ST4 microcontroller.  Try

1997\12\04@043237 by Tom Handley

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  Eric, thanks! Since RCA is `in bed' with Thomson now, this makes

  - Tom

At 07:54 PM 12/3/97 -0000, you wrote:
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