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'im thinking of a project for my degree help!'
1999\07\23@154925 by Jason Gadsby

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<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>I'm currently studying at a University in UK. I
have six months left and have to think of a project to do. Has any one completed
a project for university successfully, that could give me some help? I would
like the project to include a PIC help!!!!!!!!!!! Time is running
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<DIV><FONT size=2>Cheers all</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2>Jason G</FONT></DIV>
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1999\07\23@164522 by Dan Creagan

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<DIV><FONT size=2>You don't mention what your degree is in, but if you want an
interesting approach, try: </FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2>These are papers on Agent Oriented Methodology using robotic
soccer agents. While I'm sure they don't match your requirements, they might
stimulate the creative juices a bit. The papers are presentation quality.&nbsp;
Uses for PICs in this area are myriad.&nbsp; You could spin off from the paper
in dozens of areas and disciplines.</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2>Dan</FONT></DIV>
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1999\07\23@171503 by Tim Hamel

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No offense or anything, but isn't this a project YOU have to think up?
Probably doesn't help to copy someone else's idea either. Note..this is NOT a
flame, just a tip.


Tim Hamel

In a message dated 7/23/99 1:46:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Jason Gadsby

>   I'm currently studying at a University in UK. I have six months left and
> have to think of a project to do. Has any one completed a project for
> university successfully, that could give me some help? I would like the
> project to include a PIC help!!!!!!!!!!! Time is running out.
>      Cheers all

1999\07\23@182834 by Mark Willis

I've been there myself, though - Sometimes I just get "Creator's Block"
and cannot figure any project out, that "Cannot see the trees for the
huge forest" syndrome.  A list of 10-20 possibilities lets me pick one &
get going, but making my own list can be rough sometimes, way TOO easy
others <G>.

Definitely tons of possibilities; here are a few I've thought of, some
far more advanced & harder than others (Just a few from my "Things I may
look at doing someday" list, off the top of my head):

PICPascal interpreter (Might be a toughie <G>);

Bicycle Odometer/trip meter/heart rate monitor;

AC/Solar Array battery charge controller (Charge a 12V Lead-Acid battery
off an array) - add solar tracking for the array, for more work;  Or
make this for your bicycle, and let the generator charge the batteries
when you're going fast on the flats or down hills, but switch off when
you start to climb a hill.  Also have LED strobes fire even when you're
stopped at night, for more safety when stopped at a stoplight (2-axis
accelerometer would be THE way to go here, Analog Devices' parts would
be good.)

Seizure Monitor (Watch for certain frequencies of movement on an
accellerometer, some people with seizures could REALLY use this with a
cell phone & GPS attached - they seize, it dials someone & reports their
position & condition);

PIC-based Generic small motor controller (something you can jumper to
run different types of small DC motors, stepper motors, etc., with good

AC line power quality monitor (Plug it into the wall, it watches for
glitches, brownouts, spikes, etc., and files a report in serial RAM;
Usable for many purposes including figuring out whether to buy a
generator or not <G>;

Electricians' handy tool for wiring - signal generator/transponder type
thing, you connect it somewhere, it wirelessly tells you which wire's
which at the other end;

IDE cable tester (to find those atrocious bad cables, rare as they are,
they DO happen - anyone want one?  <EG>);

AC plug-in transmitters (make a whole bunch for when you move & want to
find out which outlets are controlled by which circuit
breakers/switches, etc.) - with some kind of PC interface so you can
document what you're doing;

Pet "water dish is low" alarm, solar powered hopefully, Lithium Cells
would work too; Chirps at you to remind you when the water dish isn't
full enough;

Computer Power Supply Fan monitor (Watches an IR pulse's return, if/when
the fan stops spinning, the PIC alarms);

Cat/Dog detector (put it in the kitchen, it alerts you when Kitty's
decided to roam the kitchen counters to look for a snack, or Rover's
sniffing & heading for the garbage can, intent on checking it's contents

What do you like to do (hobby wise, and/or career wise?)  That's
something to keep in mind when trying to get some ideas.


Tim Hamel wrote:
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1999\07\23@191010 by paulb

> Jason Gadsby wrote:

> Has any one completed a project for university successfully, that
> could give me some help?

 My answers:  No and Yes.  I dipped out on *my* project (and the

 Pick something you *really, really, really* find exciting.
       Paul B.

1999\07\23@203848 by Anne Ogborn

My only advise is to pick something that sounds too trivial.
These things tend to get more complicated as they go along,
and sadly most student projects seem to remain incomplete,
which is NOT good training in debugging.

Need loco motors?

1999\07\24@051039 by Stewart Pye

Hi Jason,

Are you interested in electronic music? If so maybe a midi controller would
be a good project. You could use a PIC with AtoD and serial port (16F877).
All you have to do is scan the voltages coming from pots into the A/D then
send the values as midi controller info out the serial port. An LCD and
keypad could be used to setup midi channel, controller assignment etc.


At 05:05 PM 23/07/99 EDT, you wrote:
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1999\07\24@052529 by Darren Logan

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I've just got myself a 2.1 honours degree in Electronics.
I did the degree at APU in Cambridge.

For my final year project, I made 4 x temperature transmitters which
connected to a 2-wire RS485 network. The network was interfaced to a PC
running some Visual Basic software I had written.
The VB software collected and displayed the temperature of all gour
transmitters on the monitor and also displayed the readings on a virtual

Needless to say the transmitters were PIC based, in fact, they were the
little PIC16C71's with on board 8-bit A/D to read the linear voltage from a
LM35DZ temperature sensor.

I programmed the PIC's in CCS C.

The project was a success and I got 68% for it. My report lacked
professionalism though as I only care about the electronics working, I dont
care about paperwork to be honest.

But my advice is START this project NOW and no later. You will have many
obsticles in your path and if you leave things too late you will be megga
stressed towards the end.

I had 2 really hard assignments to do: Digital signal processing and Control
systems (all maths) and my project to finish off all at the same time. I
shall never forget those last few months of hell. Dont make the same mistake
as me and leave things to the last minute and spend alot of time on the "TIME
MANAGEMENT" side of the project.

Good Luck.

Darren Logan (BSc hons)

1999\07\24@103109 by Wagner Lipnharski

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> I'm currently studying at a University in UK. I have six months
> left and have to think of a project to do. Has any one completed
> a project for university successfully, that could give me some
> help? I would like the project to include a PIC help!!!!!!!!!!!
> Time is running out.

hmmm, I agree with Tim and Mark and Paul, if it was to be a regular high
school science fair project, I believe all of we could give you tons of
ready projects, and you understand why.

As an university project, it is expected that you could be able to
develop something, as the result of your learning, at least you will
have a college diploma!!!  Without any flames or discussions, let me ask
you; Will you ask for the same kind of "help" after you get that
diploma?  Do you understand exactly *why* are you doing a college

It is the same as somebody doing college to be a doctor, and ask you to
give him all of your notes and studies about heart surgery because he
can not "think one out".  Later on your own daughter needs a heart
surgery, and coincidentally this same guy will be the surgeon... would
you accept it?

Again, without any flames, your request must be based at other
situations you saw or experienced, it means that people at your
university *use* to do that?  If this is true, I am ashamed not from
your actions, but from your blind teachers that can't even identify it.
I think that time would be your own judge.

I am sorry by the hard words, but this is for our own benefit.


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