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Scenix Keyscan.src


;		Key scan Virtual Periperal


		device	pins28,pages4,banks8,turbo,oschs,stackx,optionx

		; use oschs only for debugging

		; set to 4MHz internal RC for actual operation

		org 	8

key_val		ds	1			; contains the key value in 2's complement

						; this is for ease of display routine only

						; to get real value, please remove the ~ signs in

						; the virtual matrix

scanb		ds	1			; scan mask, the column to scan will have a zero

scan_result	ds	1			; result of scanning

cnt1		ds	1			; column count (3 2 1 0, 3 being leftmost)

cnt2		ds	1			; row count (3 2 1 0, 3 being the top row)

						; virtual matrix index is computed as 4*cnt2+cnt1

key_state	ds	1			; store the states of the keyboard scan

debounce_cnt	ds	1			; debouncing count

temp	 	equ	cnt1			; store the key scanned until key is released

		; key scan states

fast_scan	equ	7			; scan all columns at once

debounce	equ	6			; debounce state

detailed_scan	equ	5			; scan a column at a time

release		equ	4			; wait until key is released

		reset	start			; goto 'start' on reset

		org	0			; interrupt routine 

		sb	key_state.fast_scan	; current state=fast scan?

		jmp	chk_debounce		; no, check if debounce state

		;do fast scan

		mov	rb,#%11110000		; set all scan lines to low


		mov	scan_result,rb		; store result

		and	scan_result,#%11110000	; mask all output lines 

		csne	scan_result,#%11110000	; to examine only inputs

		jmp	key_done		; no key pressed if results is 11110000		

		; key pressed, go to debounce state	

		clrb	key_state.fast_scan	; clear current state

		setb	key_state.debounce	; next state= debounce

		mov	debounce_cnt,#20	; 20 ms debouncing time

                jmp	key_done		; change state on next interrupt


		sb	key_state.debounce	; current state=debouncing?

		jmp	chk_rescan		; no, check if detailed scan

		;do debounce

	        decsz	debounce_cnt		; count down

		jmp	key_done		; and continue on next interrupt if not done


		; 20 ms elapsed

		clrb	key_state.debounce	; clear current state

		setb	key_state.detailed_scan	; next state=detailed scan

		jmp	key_done		; state transition on next interrupt


chk_rescan	sb	key_state.detailed_scan	; current state=detailed scan?

		jmp	chk_release		; no, check if it is key release check


		mov	cnt1,#3			; leftmost column=3

		;detailed scan

		mov	scanb,#%11110111	; scan leftmost column first

detail_scan	mov	rb,scanb		; send scan mask out

		mov	scan_result,rb		; store result

		and	scan_result,#%11110000	; examine only inputs

		cse	scan_result,#%11110000	; any key?

		jmp	encode			; yes, encode it

		dec	cnt1			; scan next column

		stc				; maintain the 1's

		rr	scanb			; scan next column by moving the 0 to the right

		snc				; no carry means last column has been scanned

		jmp 	detail_scan		; still more to scan

		; no key detected after scanning all columns, may be just noise on port

		clrb	key_state.detailed_scan	; clear current state

		setb	key_state.fast_scan	; return to fast scan

		jmp	key_done		; on next interrupt

encode		mov	cnt2,#0			; find out on which row the key is pressed

		stc				; we are looking for a zero so set carry to 1 first			

cont_enc	rl	scan_result		; put the scan result in carry bit


		sc				; skip if zero is not there

		jmp	lookup			; zero found, look up for value

		inc	cnt2			; increment the row number

		jmp	cont_enc		; and continue

		;virtual matrix offset=4 cnt2+cnt1

lookup		clc				; clear carry to prepare for multiplication

		rl 	cnt2			; multiply by 2

		rl	cnt2			; multiply by 4 and

		add	cnt2,cnt1		; +cnt1

		mov	w,#virtual_matrix	; start of table	

		add	w,cnt2			; index into table

		mov	m,#0			; prepare for iread which load the value at m:w

		iread				; read the value into m:w

		mov	temp,w			; store

		mov	m,#$f			; restore m to eliminate side effects

		clrb	key_state.detailed_scan ; clear current state

		setb	key_state.release	; next state=check key release

		jmp	key_done		; on next interrupt


virtual_matrix	dw	~$f

		dw	~$0

		dw	~$f

		dw	~$f

		dw	~9

		dw	~8

		dw	~7

		dw	~$f

		dw	~6

		dw	~5

		dw	~4

		dw	~$f

		dw	~3

		dw	~2

		dw	~1

		dw	~$f


		sb	key_state.release	; check key release state?

		jmp	key_done		; no

		mov	rb,scanb		; use last scanned column mask

		mov	scan_result,rb		; get key

		and	scan_result,#%11110000	; mask outputs

		cse	scan_result,#%11110000	; equ to $F0 if no key pressed anymore

		jmp	key_done		; key still pressed

		; key released


		mov	key_val,temp		; store final value

		clrb	key_state.release	; state transition

		setb	key_state.fast_scan	; next state is scan again




		mov	w,#-250			; 1 ms per interrupt at 4MHz, prescaler is /8

		retiw	 			; return from interrupt now


		;initialize port B

		mov	m,#$0f			; Points mode register to set data direction

		mov 	!rb,#%11110000		; RB0-3 will be outputs, and RB4-7 will be inputs

		;set inputs with weak pull ups

		mov	m,#$0e			; points mode register to pull-up enable

		mov	!rb,#%00001111		; Enable pull-ups on Port B inputs


		mov	m,#$0c			; set Schmitt-trigger to increase noise immunity

		mov	!rb,#%00001111  	; on RB4-7


		mov	m,#$F			; restore mode register 


		mov	!option,#%10000010	; RTCC divide rate=8

		setb	key_state.fast_scan	; initial state is fast scan

		mov	key_val,#0		; no key pressed initially


		mov	rb,key_val		; put key pressed on LEDs

		jmp	loop			; loop forever



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