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Scenix Lib IO OSI3 Tcpip Esxsupportfiles Statusmonitor Display.h

#ifndef DisplayH
#define DisplayH
#include <vcl\Classes.hpp>
#include <vcl\Controls.hpp>
#include <vcl\StdCtrls.hpp>
#include <vcl\Forms.hpp>
#include <vcl\ExtCtrls.hpp>
#include <ComCtrls.hpp>
#include "ComDrv32.hpp"
class TDisplayForm : public TForm
__published:	// IDE-managed Components
	TPanel *Panel1;
	TComboBox *ComPort;
	TLabel *Label1;
	TComboBox *Speed;
	TLabel *Label2;
	TButton *Button1;
	TButton *Button2;
  TCommPortDriver *SerialPort;
  TTreeView *Log;
  TButton *Button3;
  void __fastcall Button2Click(TObject *Sender);
  void __fastcall ComPortChange(TObject *Sender);
  void __fastcall SpeedChange(TObject *Sender);
  void __fastcall SerialPortReceiveData(TObject *Sender, Pointer DataPtr,
          int DataSize);
  void __fastcall Button1Click(TObject *Sender);
  void __fastcall Button3Click(TObject *Sender);
private:	// User declarations
  TTreeNode *lastNode;
public:		// User declarations
	__fastcall TDisplayForm(TComponent* Owner);
extern TDisplayForm *DisplayForm;

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