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Linistepper V3

We have closed out stock and are no longer supplying this kit. Documentation has been updated. Source code, layouts, etc... are all available if you want to make your own. If you would like to support a SMT layout / kit, please contact us.
The Linistepper is a well reviewed, open source controller / driver for small to medium sized 5, 6 or 8 wire unipolar (not 4 wire bi-polar) stepper motors. The Linistepper combines ultra smooth old school linear microstepping with modern active current regulation for faster response. The kit is easy to build, hard to damage, and easy (and cheap) to repair. Fully documented: how it works, how to use it, how to troubleshoot problems and get your motors running!

Drive up to 3 amps* at 36 volts for over 100 watts of power: Enough to move a 15lb axis at 60IPS or a 30lb load at 30IPS!
* requires 2 sets of tuning resistors and a fan heatsink.
Supported modes include:
Standard: Full, and Half step,
Full-Torque Half (!),
Microstepping: 6th, 18th and infinite, analog-linear microstepping
Standard step + direction inputs
Easily connect up to 7 units to a parallel port
Works with any standard CNC program such as Mach 3, TurboCNC, EMC2
New version: V3
moves power resistors to heatsink side for better cooling
supports analog smoothing adjustment with optional trim pots
Faster clock speed supports higher step pulse rates.

Detailed description and features
Assembly Instructions
Users Manual
High Power Tuning
Mach3 setup
EMC2 setup
Theory of operation
- Circuit simulation (with Java)
- Block Diagram
- Schematic
- PCB Layout
- Source code

Good Motors for the Linistepper

Gallery of our users working machines

These well made kits are easy to assemble with your soldering iron. Hard to break, easy to repair (new drive transistor set less than $2), smooth and cheap! If you are driving up to 3 amps on low cost unipolar steppers, nothing beats a Linistepper.
Picture of item #416015RULMS3:
LiniStepper Driver kit NEW V3!:
 $25.00 Backordered!   Expected in 101 weeks

Price breaks: @3 = $23, @6 = $21.

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