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This option kit of parts for the 4Axis PCB controls 3 stepper drive axis without a PC. It is designed to demonstrate stepper motor control, and test the drivers and motors with a known good signal. The step and direction signals are developed by a PIC12F675 which is supplied pre-programmed. One LED shows the direction of rotation, the other shows the rate of pulses.

Operation: The motors turn one way or the other as you rotate the knob of a trim pot. As you turn it away from center, nearer either end, the motors will step faster and faster. Turning back from one limit toward the other, the motors will slow, reverse, and then speed up again in the opposite direction.

The pushbutton switch allows single stepping, bursts of steps or continuous stepping depending on how long it is held.

Note that this option can NOT be used with the PC option: The board must be build as a PC interface, or a demo/test board, not both.

The option is pictured here assembled with the PCB, +5 power, and 4 axis cable options which are sold separately. This is a kit, you must solder it. PARTS ONLY! for use with 4Axis PCB
4Axis5_pulse: Pulse generator parts ONLY $4.95 3 in stock

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Picture of item #4160124Axis5:
BOB/Pulse/Power(PC Board ONLY)
 $8.00  in stock
4Axis5_c11M:Cable for 1 driver (1/AXIS) PMinMO STD $3.00 1 in stock
4Axis5_pc:DB25 conn & cable for PC parallel port $9.95 2 in stock
4Axis5_pwr:5V regulator parts $2.00 2 in stock
4Axis5_RLY:Relay driver (parts only!) $3.95 5 in stock
6064A: Adapter cable Pololu $4.95 6 in stock
6064P: Stepper Motor Driver (PCB/SMT ONLY!) $10.95 42 in stock
RULMS3_PIC: Linistepper programmed uC (Chip ONLY!) $5.95 Backordered!   Expected in 1 weeks