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Products > Stepper Drivers > 4Axis5_cHD:Cable for 4 drivers(1/4AXIS) PMinMO STD

One end of this cable plugs into the 2x20 pin header on the 4Axis PCB and the other ends support up to 4 drivers with a PMinMO compatible 2x5 header^ such as the open source Linistepper, THB6064AH, or SLAm.

NEW: Longer 6" cable makes routing easier

Video Assembly instructions:

length: 6 inches.
connector2: 4x PMinMO Header (2x5 0.1").
conductors: 40.
connector1: 4Axis PCB Header (2x20 0.1").
4Axis5_cHD:Cable for 4 drivers(1/4AXIS) PMinMO STD $4.95 Backordered!   Expected in 1 weeks

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